Carwennan - The Shadow Blade

Carnwennan – Dagger of Un-Sidhe

According to Welsh mythology, Carnwennan was the dagger of Arthur and allowed him to be cloaked in shadows when drawn. Carnwennan is unique as it only appears (in name) in the Welsh myths surrounding Arthur. While not named it is assumed that Carnwennan is the dagger Arthur used to kill the giant in Thomas Malroy’s Le Morte d’Arthur.

In the Lands of Eira, however, the dagger known as Carnwennan has a much more storied history. Carnwennan was forged millennia ago by the Un-Sidhe during their war with the Au-Sidhe for control of the Eternal Lands. A blade forged not of iron, nor silver, nor star-metal, but of a black ore found deep within the Underworld, thus granting it the powers of shadow and darkness. Used as a weapon of assassination, Carnwennan became a bane to the Au-Sidhe, its name whispered in the night around the war fires.

At some point near the final years of the war Carnwennan became lost and fell out of history and into legend.

Throughout history in Eira legends have spoke of a black blade in the deep waters of the highest loch in the highlands. During the war of the barbarian Highlanders it is said that the Dunni clan could appear from the shadows of sun as if from vapor and that the Roy M’Dunni sacrificed his own son to retrieve the black blade.


Carnwennan is a +2 dagger with a 70% chance to shroud it possessor in shadow when drawn. If the dagger is noticed by any Au-Sidhe they will attack the possessor regardless of his or her alignment or status among the Au-Sidhe. The blade cannot be wielded by the Au-Sidhe as its metal has the same effect as iron (see below).

Iron and Au-Sidhe: Being immortal fae from the Eternal Lands iron and all things made with it (including alloys) are toxic to them. While in contact with iron the Au-Sidhe will receive two damage from the metal. Any wounds received from a weapon of iron-make will inflict two damage to the Au-Sidhe in addition to the normal damage the weapon would inflict.

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