Fleet Android

Got to see Star Trek into Darkness last night, and yes while what is below is more TNG than TOS or JJA, I still was thinking of it while watching the film.  As for the film itself; the real reviewers already spoiled everything, it isn't that bad of a film but really Star Trek isn't supposed to be pure popcorn, and Pegg
as Scotty rocks!

Andriods are extremely rare within Starfleet. In fact, until recently there was only two known functional Androids on record. However, due to the intervention of an alien being known simply as Flint, and the repair of the Androids known as Lal and B-4 (now known as Data), full scale production is underway.

 Androids are a new race in the galaxy, with little to no culture of their own. They have a natural curiosity and tendency to explore and understand beyond the logical confines of their minds and science. As such, many Androids seek to integrate themselves into human society  and learn their subtleties.  However, some have chosen to follow the edicts and cultures of other cultures typically Vulcan.

Racial Features
Prime Attribute: Intelligence 13+ (5% bonus to EXP)
Durable: Due to the material that their bodies are made of, Androids receive a natural +2 bonus to their defense in additional to their class bonus.
Photonic Brain: Android Brains can process terraflops of information per second. As such They receive a +4 to all tech and science based saving throwing.
Uncanny Valley:  Because of their near, but not quite human appearance, Androids recieve a -2 to all saving throws in relation to interactions with living things.
Off Switch: Androids have a 30% chance of being deactivated for 1d6 rounds if an EMP pulse goes off near them.

While all classes are open to Androids they tend to go into the fields of Engineering and Science. A rare few have found a sense of accomplishment in as Pilots.

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