Travih Olrin - A Dangerous NPC With a Frying Pan

This Sunday, for the first time ever, my daughter will have companions on her quest. As such, I am revamping the adventure I created for her into something a little more well rounded. As such, I get to actually create NPCs before hand, not on the fly as I have previously done.

So for one final post of the night, I present Travih Olrin, the owner and proprietor of "The Split Oar"

Travih Olrin. A short heavyset human in his middle-years. Travih is a balding, ill-tempered grump and not a fan of any adventurers that come poking around his town. He is known for not only watering down his drinks but to reusing what his customers don't want to drink.

Human Male: AL Law; MV 6'; AC 9[10]; HD 1; #ATK 1; DMG 1d6 (frying pan)

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