OVA: I am promoting a non-OSR Kickstarter!

To be quite honest this game does not in any shape, way or means need to be promoted. It is already at 1,200% of goal, so this is a successful game. The reason I'm promoting this game is that it looks slick! Just based on the 3 free character books that the publisher has issued over at the Kickstarter show a game with easy to learn rules, a fast combat style and a fun system that enables so many possibilities.

To me, this game encompasses what BESM was really trying to do in the late 90s/early 2000s. Essentially the game is a dice pool system, with modifiers adding or subtracting from the total amount of dice that the player can use. These rolls can be further augmented by "drama dice" pulled from your endurance. However, your endurance is vital to ... well, living, so it adds a bit of a danger element to the game as well as up the "Nose bleeds" of trying to hard in anime and comics.

Anyway, OVA seems to have some real potential to create the fast moving realms of anime and manga.

Now, that being said, remember, "Record of Lodoss War" was born from Basic D&D and a love of Lord of the Rings.

More to come later but I wanted to share this one.

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