Wayne Rossi's Dungeon Crawl

A few days ago when browsing through Drivethru for anything of interest I ran across a simply named fanzine called Dungeon Crawl. At the time I did not know of +Wayne Rossi in any of the Google+ communities that I frequent/lurk. The magazine, the second issue in fact, was one of drivethru's new "pay what you will" titles, and after dropping a few bucks I got the issue and have slowly been making my way through it. The fanzine is OSR generic meaning that for the most part the content can be showhorned into almost an of the old school clones and "what-if" rule sets.
Honestly, I have been rather impressed so far by Dungeon Crawl. The production is excellent for a one man show, and the articles (the majority by Rossi himself) are well done. I can't lie, the adventure has me a bit confused, but that is less Rossi's fault and more about my inability to understand how old school modules and adventures are set-up.
Besides my confusion with the adventure, however, I am loving the Random Dungeon chart and the trap descriptions due to all the evil little ideas they're putting into my head. The Dungeon chart in and of itself is worth the price of the book as it offers the Referee a way to create the Randomly Generated Dungeons of old PC RPGs, giving the players a unique experience every time they go through a door.
Actually, I have a wonderful Arcane Trap in mind for that chart ...
Rossi, at this point, appears to be wanting this fanzine to be a quarterly affair, which judging by what I'm seeing is excellent. Rossi has a great talent for inventing and creating and I would lov
e to see that continue. He is also opening the fanzine up more to outside submissions with the deadline for the Fall issue being June 30th. So, check the links below and seriously take a look.

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