Image of Nidhog - Hall of Nidhog Adventure Preview

Currently I am writing a short, linear adventure for +Erik Tenkar's upcoming fan-zine called "Nidhog's Hall". This adventure takes place far to the east of Eira in the homeland of the dwarves long before they left that land and sought refuge in Eira. The main adversary of this adventure is the ancient Arch Draco-lich, Nidhog, who is so powerful that he split his soul into five different phylacteries.

While Nidhog is only one being each phylactery is semi-sentient and can create an "Image of Nidhog" a clone or avatar of the Nidhog that processes a fraction of his power (1/5 to be exact).  These images have Nidhog's personality, his memories and his darkness and their experiences are known and remembered by the Arch-Draco-lich.  If a phylactery of Nidhog is destroyed, that part of Nidhog is not destroyed but distributed between the remaining phylacteries. 

Image of Nidhog
Hit Dice: 10 (80 hp)
Armor Class: 2 [17]
Attacks: 2 claws, magically sharp (1d6), bite (4d6)
Saving Throw:  5
Special:  Fear Aura, Immune, Regenerate, Spell-casting (as 7th level Magic-User), Spit Acid
Move: 30'/60' (flying)
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 7/600

Fear Aura - Anyone within 60' of the creature must make a saving throw with a negative 1 modifier. If the saving throw is failed target is affected as by the fear spell with the addition that the target has a 60% chance of running as well.
Immune - Immune to Charm, Death spells, Enfeeblement, Fear, Hold,  Poison, Paralysis, Polymorph, Sleep, Symbol, Turn Undead
Regenerate - The Image of Nidhog regains 3 hp every round not to exceed maximum health.
Spell-casting - Can cast spells equal to a 7th level Magic-User.
Spit Acid - Can spit a deadly, corrosive acid which covers everything in a line 5 feet wide and 60 feet long. Deals 1d4 per round until successful removed.

If the Image of Nidhog is destroyed but his phylactery is not destroyed, the image can be made manifest in 1d4 days after defeat.

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  1. pretty damn cool!

    i can see this working for any system from S&W and OSRIC to even DCC (strangely enough the 3 systems I spend the most time with these days ;)


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