Races of Eira - Quick Update on Production

Last night I contacted a DA artist whose work I am fond of to commission character art for the Pixie, Cat-Sith and Blood Witch races and Class respectively. This of course is for the direct cause of having original artwork for both this blog and the "Races of Eira" character book which I hope to have completed by December.

On the design front I have finally moved ahead with Au-Sidhe race and their respective race based classes (the Warden and the Magus). I am hoping to have the alpha draft of that done by Monday. The Cat-Sith have moved to the beta draft stage with some insight from the fine folks over at +swords & wizardry discussion and at +OSR.

Finally the Pixies are in Gamma draft and I'm pretty happy with them, I still need to edit out some of the generic language of the original class as presented previously in various Google + communities, but over all they are complete and I'm happy with them.


In other news, the Bloo Witch will be appearing in +Wayne Rossi 's Dungeon Crawl issue 3 and I am almost done the Niddhogg's Hall dungeon for +Erik Tenkar 's OSR Fan-zine. Hopefully, Erik will find my humble little dungeon worthy of his upcoming book.

Finally, I have I finished my "Please Wait" sketch of the purposed Lands of Eira. It has been a long time since I have drawn a map, even one that was sketched while on the phone, and I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to get into a 2 inch by 3 inch scrap of paper.

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