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The Road

The Road is not really a road but a Presence and Force of the natural world that corrupts and changes its hunting grounds to suit its needs as a trap for the unwary. The road exists not here or there, but between realities and cannot be easily defeat by conventional means.

The road that never ends the tunnel with no light on the other-side, the old trail that goes on, the trees growing nearer and nearer. All are manifestations of The Road, a warping of reality to create a never-ending trap for its prey. The Presence that is The Road waits and bids its time until its target tires and collapses, for the best food is the food that has been marinated in fear and madness.

Hit Dice: 15
Armor Class: -1 [21]
Attacks: None
Saving Throw: 3
Special: Warp Reality, Despair
Move: 0
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 15/2,900

Warp Reality – The Road can manipulate reality in a three mile radius around its center. The Road can change the laws of physics and physical properties of anything non-sentient within the confines of the three mile radius of the ability; in essence creating a temporary pocket universe in which to trap its prey.

Despair – The Road can affect the minds of any creature that has been within the confines of its Warped Reality (Saving Throw -4) causing them to enter a state of great despair and depression. In this state all actions martial and magical have a -2 modifier.

Escaping The Road – Escaping The Road is a trial unto itself as the prey first has to discover that they are in fact caught in The Road’s trap. Once this is discerned the prey need to lock down all emotion for five turns (Saving throw +number of turn). If the prey is successful in repressing his emotions The Road will retreat its influence over reality, effectively releasing the prey due to the lack of food the prey’s emotion provides.

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