Fear Doirche - Creatures of Eira Preview

Fear Doirche

Hit Dice: 10 + 6
Armor Class: 1[19]
Attacks: Weapon (Fae Great Sword (unique), 2d10+4)
Saving Throw: 5
Move: 12[60’]
Special: Fae Step, Greater Immortal Fae, Iron Resistance
Challenge Level/Experience: 13/2,300

The Queens of the Au-Sidhe and Un-Sidh courts have many agents in both the mortal and immortal realms. However, these agents pale in comparison to the Fear Doirche. The Fear Doirche is the assassin and arbiter of his or her Queen’s will. The Fear Doirche carries a portion of his or her Queen’s power within his-or-herself, making the Fear Doirche virtually impossible to defeat, much less fight.

There are always two Fear Doirche, and since it is a title, the appearance of the Fear Doirche can vary greatly. However, one thing always remains the same, no matter who carries the mantle of Fear Doirche; he or she walks with and carries shadows about him or her.

Fae Step - In place of a move action the Fear Doirche can teleport half of his or her move instantly.

Greater Immortal Fae – As one of the Greater Fae of the Night Lands or the Eternal Lands, the Fear Doirche is virtually immortal and is not truly dead unless he or she is brought to negative the total of his or her hit points.

Iron Resistance – As one of the Greater Fae, the Fear Doirche does not suffer the pain or poison of iron and its alloys as lesser immortal fae do.

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