Kickerstarter Barking: Demon Wars Reformation by R.A. & Brain Salvatore

Time to bark again for a kickstarter project. This one is already successful, but given the pedigree of the designers I would venture to look into it.

The game boosts to be Salvatore and son's take on old school game mechanics set in the world of R.A. Salvatore's "Demon Wars" novels which are really great in my opinion. The video is vague on what it means by "old school" but the in-play segments are like nothing I have personally seen before as they game seems to rely on percentile dice and poker chips. Stretch goals aren't all that impressive either as most of them have to do with additional artwork inside of things like adventures or extra materials.

Buy in is also a bit much with $50 being when a physical copy of the game is available. But once again I must bring up the designers and the influence R.A. has had on gaming and the fantasy genre over the years. Given his dislike of what has happened with the Mothership of Fantasy RPGs of late, I think it is worth giving him a chance.

Link: Demon Wars: Reformation Kickstarter

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