Magic Items - Two magic items for any setting

It has been awhile since I've made a magic item so this is a nice change in a while.  The following I cannot take complete credit for as my daughter is actually where the idea came from during last night's Hero Kids game.

On a side-note, playing a tabletop game at a Books-a-Million at 2100 at night with an 8-year-old and my wife gets lots of stares. Especially since I'm a rather animated and vocal referee.

Shield of the Wall
A tower shield which appears as a normal tower shield from the front but from the rear is utterly see through, allowing any behind it to easily see their enemies. The shield's magical construction also allows any projectile spell to be cast through the shield, allowing the magic-user to remain hidden while still casting her spells.

And one the I made for an old D&D game I played in the Army.

Staff of the Rings

A staff of ash with an odd gem at its crest. The staff has slots etched out of its wood to securely hold up to four magic rings. The staff's magical construction allows the effects of any magical rings to be used while the staff is being held by a magic-user. Staff can cast light on command. 

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