Next Adventure Question

So the next five-minute adventure is a pretty big one, with a estimated 10 pages of adventure. Compared to my previous 4 adventures (4 you ask?) which topped out at 5 to 6 pages this is quite a leap forward.

The more I work on these adventures with the generic "Town" the more the place seems to take on a life of its own as well as an actual geographic setting. This newest adventure somewhat does away with that as the Town is now very obviously meant to be in a temperate, at least partially forested environment.

The second change is the addition of locations outside the town. In this case the Anicent Forest and a elvish town. Which is where my question hails from. What is the option on how this looks?

W-3 Qu’tanis

Nestled in and among the giant, ancient trees the stairs and homes of the village blend into the forest and would be missed if not for the soft glow of magical orbs and the movement of the village’s inhabitants.  As the players approach a horn is sounded and as if from the tress themselves dozen of elfish archers surround them.

The village of Qu’tanis is home to about five-hundred wood elves. The population is extremely xenophobic and trusts no outsiders; even other wood elves from outside their community. If the players approach Qu’tanis the elves of the village will surprise them and attempt to capture them. This is atypical of the wood elves of Qu’tanis as they will typically kill all outsiders.

The players will discover (if they go with the wood elves peaceably) that the village has been raided several times in the previous month by the Malformed. While the wood elves would typically kill outsiders like the players, they have found that they are unable to route the invading Malformed and grudging need the players’ aid in the manner.

The wood elves will provide the players with a map with the location of the Malformed’s lair marked on it (W-5).

The only reward the wood elves offer the players is safe passage through the forest as long as the players respect the forest.

Qu’tanis (Elven Village): Pop 500. 50% commoner, 15% craftsmen, 15% magic-user, 15% Fighter, 5% other 


  1. Description is wordy and overly ornate. Why do wood elves light up their hidden village? Why do they allow adventures to get that close? Population breakdown is unnecessary; should be left to GM.

    1. Thanks Nathen. If I may pick your brain a little, do you mean the part in the gray or the plain text after?


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