Ragmen - Generic Monsters for Any setting

I've been wanting to make these guys for awhile, now I am and I am gleefully waiting to sic these little guys on my daughter and her friends!



“Never forget; never deny the existence of the ragmen. Born of fear and madness they groan and crawl. Born of madness they wrap and entwine. Born of magus folly the ragmen come, the ragmen come.”

Hit Dice: 2+2
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Attacks: Slam [1d4]
Saving Throw: 17
Move: 6 [30’]
Special: Smother, Gestalt
Challenge Level/XP: 4/120

Ragmen are a form of golem created originally by a very mad and very poor magic-user. They have since become the cheap and easily replaceable minions of many eager chaotic magic-users in the world.  Ragmen appear to be sets of clothing, either hung or laying in piles when inactive. When active they appear as clothing being filed by nothing at all.  Being made of clothe, however, means that Ragmen are easily dispatched by fire (3x fire damage than on a normal target). Unfortunately Ragmen are rather resistant to blades and blunted weapons receiving an extra –[+] 2 to AC[AAC] when attacked with such a weapon.

Gestalt – Ragmen who are cut to pieces have a 75% chance of there component pieces acting of their own free will (all stats remain the same save HD which is reduced to 1/2d6).

Smother - The Ragman will attempt to attach to and complete cover the target. After four turns of being complete covered the target faints due to a lack of oxygen. While covering the target the Ragman can do nothing else. Targets can make a saving throw (-4 modifier) every turn up to the fourth round to attempt to remove the Ragman. If aided by a companion the modifier is negated.   

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