Wayne Rossi's Dungeon Crawl Issue Three released

The third issue of +Wayne Rossi's OSR magazine "Dungeon Crawl" has been released and features new magic items, encounters, dungeons and most importantly (to me) my Blood Witch class for Swords & Wizardry!

I just finished printing out my .pdf copy of the magazine so expect a review sometime between now and Tuesday. While you wait go and pick it up for yourselves at either Lulu for the $11.95 print copy or RPGnow for the $5.00 .pdf copy.

I've been flipping through the .pdf as my anicent, slow-as-hell printer was working on printing it, and honestly I'm liking what I'm see. Although, Wayne I think for Issue 4 you should do an article on the "Rossi Method" of opening doors!

If you haven't read "Dungeon Crawl" follow the links below to get caught up:

Issue # 2 at drivethrurpg.com is still available as a Pay What You Want title!
Issue # 1 is available for free VIA google Docs!

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