Quick Note: Holy Crap! A Emberverse Game!

Where are my Clan Juniper tartans?! Quickly, boyos, grab your bows!

I love S.M. Sterling's Emberverse books, I mean I love them. I've read them all, I own all the audiobook versions so I can listen to them. They are honestly great reading! Now this morning I find this over at RPGnow!

Treasure at the Dalles

From RPGnow:

.M. Stirling's Change Setting, used under license.

Designed by Sam Pray.

The world changed in the blink of an eye on March 17, 1998. Technology that humanity has relied on for nearly 200 years no longer works.

Now some of the survivors are closing off their safe havens for fear of illness. The plague is just one more thing the survivors must survive without access to modern medicines and medical facilities.

The Portland Protectorate Association (PPA) has obtained information of a shipment of medical supplies shipping from Seattle to Portland on Change Day. Clan Mackenzie also learns of this shipment. The possibility of abandoned medical supplies, antibiotics, and ER supplies is just too tempting to pass up.

You and your friends have volunteered to get the supplies for Clan Mackenzie or make sure that the PPA does not lay claim to them.

This 48 page adventure (includes interior color maps) also includes pre-generated characters to allow for quick and easy play.

Licensed game using the d6 system, with pre-generated characters. I am honestly jumping for joy and am awaiting permission from my wife to buy it (we just bought a new kitchen table so ...)

Quick Note - The Vile Worm

The Vile Worm by Arcane Creations has been available over at RPGnow for four days. It is a short scenario adventure for Swords & Wizardry and is a fun little rump. I ran the adventure for my NPC party during lunch today and TPK'd during the fight with the worm itself

What really makes the adventure is the fun and strangeness of it as well as a few little "ah-ha!" story type moments that are not blantently spelled out for the players but may make a reader of the adventure or the referee smile. 

The adventure normally cost $1.00 but currently it is free. I honestly cannot remember if I paid for it or if I got it for free as well. Doesn't matter though, for the price (both the dollar and the free) the adventure is worth the price and adds something to any longer adventure with a forest.

Enchanted Muira - Creatures of Eira Preview

The enchanted Moira is surprisingly of Spanish and Portuguese folklore and not the Gaelic I normally go for.  However, I have always enjoyed the idea of these women bound by some oath or curse to protect a place or treasure. They are, too me, some of the saddest figures in the realm of folklore because unlike so man human subjects present in folklore they do not deserve the fate given to them. They are guardians of treasures, bridges, roads and The Ways (by the many names) and are usually depicted as having either blonde or raven black hair (although some rural Spanish folklore that is probably more closely connected with the Indo-Celtic roots of the myths depict them as red-heads).
In Eira the Enchanted Muira are beautiful young women usually with Red Hair (marked by various fae to indict fae blood) who were seduced by the Lords of the Au-Sidhe or Un-Sidhe courts. Their time, however short, the Eternal and Night Lands, was noted by the Ladies of the Au-Sidhe and Un-Sidhe courts. For their love of the Fae Lords these women paid a dear price. They were locked by ancient magics to guard the oldest and most secret of the Fae treasures and roads, to live forever but to burn at the touch of a mortal.
Enchanted Muira

“We found asleep in the dens of evil and chaos, hair longer than a ship’s mast, skin as pale as milk. Aye lad she was beautiful and when she awoke was the saddest thing ye’d have ever seen … even when she drew that silver sword o’ hers.”

AC: 2 [17]
HD: 7 (38)
Attack: Fae Sword (1d6+2), Poisoned Nails (1d4 poison damage)
Save: 9 
Move: 30’
Special: Poisoned Nails, Charm Person (-2 Save), Magic Resistance 50%, Cursed
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/Experience: 9/1,100

Poisoned Nails – As in Attacks
Charm person – As desired during any turn in combat
Cursed – enchanted Muira are cursed to feel pain at the touch of any mortal being. This pain does not inflict any damage but is strong enough that it will halt any actions of the Muira for one turn.

The Enchanted Muira’s enchantment can be broken, but this will cause the woman to age to her proper mortal age an will often cause her death. The requirements for breaking the enchantment binding the Muira is different for each Muira and is in the realm of referee discretion.

30 Day Challenge - Danny Glover?!

One idea I’ve always had for a character is of the grizzled veteran, the guy with one day left until retirement who wants nothing more than to claim a plot of land as his pension from the his king and be a simple farmer until he dies. Someone who has seen and been through war, through adventures great and small and wants nothing more to do with.
That person who is so honorable, that despite what he wants to do, despite wanting to bury his arms and armor and take up the hoe, listens to his king (or maybe his old adventuring companions) and goes on that one last quest.
I envision this old, grizzled warrior like the burnt out cop in the movies. The guy who just doesn’t want it anymore but can’t seem to break away from it. He’s too old to get a thrill out of it, he’s too old to not feel his muscles and joints aching. The ale and the women no longer hold their allure to him and the gold the treasure and the glory are pretty much worthless. This is a guy who wants out.
Why would I want to play this? Because in a lot of fantasy fiction and at a lot of game tables the characters are typically young and idealistic, “farm boys out on their first campaign” as Berek in “Dungeons and Dragons: Wraith of the Dragon God” would put it.

Quick Note - Cess-Pit of the Bog Mother is #2 at PRGnow

Just wanted to give a quick congratulations to +Jeff Dee for his adventure "Cess-Pit of the Bog Mother" taking the number 2 spot over at RPGnow. +Erik Tenkar over at Tenkars Tavern did a review of the adventure and I've looked over it myself. It is quite fun and not too hard on the wallet so go check it out and lets see if it can over take the Fate Toolkit!

Cess-Pit of the Bog-Mother is a low level adventure for most retro-clones of the first advanced edition of the world's favorite fantasy tabletop RPG. However, it can easily be converted to Basic or 0e retroclones.

Rough map for Horus Adrift

IT has been a long time since I've mapped anything at all and I think it shows.

I think maybe, just maybe I should find the tutorials for making maps in photoshop because I cannot seem to keep a straight line. And to think, I was the go to 21Tango for 6 years when I was in the army.

EoS almost final cover

After some feedback on the last cover by +matt Jackson and +Brennan Reece I went and did some revisions.

Not the true final but the only one I had on drive. The final does not have the "by" and the top text is a little more centered in the blackness.

30 Day Challenge - Catching Up to the Wagon

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day challenge – Days 21 through 26

Day 21 – Dragons, dragons everywhere and not a dwarf in sight

The question suggests that this would be one of the Chromatic, Metallic or Lung dragons of Dungeons and Dragons lore. The great intelligent lizards that are and are from magic, who can make any hardened warrior urinate his plate mail. However, I will not be speaking of those great and terrible creatures that seem to exist outside of time and space and physics No, instead I shall tell you of my great love for Pseudodragons and how in 3.5 I wasted no amount of skill points on the animal skill so that I could convince the DM to give me one as a familiar.

 That is right, Ghim dwarven warrior and cleric of Moradin had a pseudodragon named “Lockheed”. As in Lockheed Martin, as in the alien dragon-like creature often found around the shoulders a certain female X-Man. I adore pseudodragons on a level that modern teenage girls adore vampires. The thought of a small dragon-like creature that is a faithful companion, who on some level can communicate with its bonded human (or demi-human) is intriguing to me … and add to that the idea it is smart enough to use a toilet and BAM! Perfect companion animal.

Day 22 – And the earth she did thunder and roll

I like the Tarraque, I really like the Tarraque. There is just something about a large, Godzilla-like creature that is so ancient that cities can be built and re-built atop of it and no one knows. To me the Tarraque is not a random villain or even the end game. The Tarraque is the destroyer of worlds, the coming storm that lays waste to all … and no prophecy, no god or goddess, no mage nothing knows of it or can stop it. Why? Because the Tarraque exists, is a lead weight of reality and “real” that nothing can affect it or shape it or control it or foresee it. The. Tarraque. Is.


Day 23 – Kill them! Kill them all!

Part of me wanted to say the generic “minion” class of creatures from 4e, but you know what I like minions and think they add something to the combat landscape of Dungeons & Dragons that was previously missing and needed to be filled.  So, no not minions.

Honestly speaking, I dislike Drow. I dislike them to the point hat in the two forgotten Realms campaigns I ran, all Drow had been killed in an insane ritual conducted by their demon goddess that ran out of control and destroyed every last member of their race (including half bloods) in her bid to become an even stronger force of evil on the planear level.

So Lolth still exists in my Faerun, the Drow are all dead. Yes, even Drizzt.

Day 24 – Huh?

This is a weird question for me because honestly I don’t think too hard about energy types in the game, only what would be interesting or cool in the situation the players currently find themselves in. So, I guess fire because, honestly, fire.

Day 25 – Delta 1 to Delta 2, over?

I have no idea where I found this item and to this day it has found its way into every 3 and 3.5 game I’ve run. They are small little earring shaped like the profile of a howling wolf. There can be up to 6 of these earrings and when worn act as a short range communication device between wearers. Essentially, ear bud radios/Bluetooth devices for the party.

The existence of these earrings changes the game dramatically, and once the party can potentially split without being totally alone the game not only becomes more dynamic, but the players (in my experience at least) start to think much more tactically. It is interesting to see players explore and attempt to clear a dungeon the same way they would in a co-op FPS.

Day 26 – huh part deux

Much like Day 24 I don’t really get this question. The range of non-magic items leaves a lot to the imagination. However, I do have one and that is Alchemist’s Fire from 3.5. My dwarf, Ghim actually created a bandolier out of a pouch belt and filled it with flasks of the stuff. He opened almost every battle against obviously evil being with a toss of one or two of the damned things and generally made a mess of any outdoors area with them (he started a wild fire during a raid on an Orc Babyeater Clan camp that caused the local wood elves to demand blood debt from him)

EoS - MARS exo-suit

I am still stuck in a bit of a Sci-Fi move due to all the work I'm doing to finish off this "Edge of Space" adventure for +matt jackson 's "Edge of Space" roleplaying game. As such, I have some extra, non-cannon, splat-booky like material to throw out there for the game.

Hopefully I will not be killed for it :)!

MARS (Mobile Assault and Recon Suit)
The MARS is an exo-suit developed by DSAT (Department of Science and Advanced Technology) during the tenth year of the war with the Bugs, to provide the front line SMC troopers with an edge against the superior Bug forces.
The MARS stands 10 meters high and weighs approximately 20 tones depending on load out and abilities. The MARS is powered by a small ION engine with a battery life of 60+ hours of field use, again, depending on load out.
There are currently three models of MARS in use by the SMC, however, due to the expensive nature of the MARS exo-suits, they are a rare find in most field actions and typically are only issued in times of extreme danger or importantance.
Model S1 – The Model S1 is a light weight, low obit, zero atmosphere unit. The S1 comes equipped with a pressurized interior compartment, grapple claw, and a jump pack.
Armor, 3; Weapon (MV6C DM2/Rng 15/Rd 2), Grapple Claw (DM1/RNG 1/Rd 0), Jump Pack (Rng 15 any direction while in use/Rd 4)

Model G3 – The Model G3 is known as the “crowd buster” by troopers in the field. The G3 is heavy armored, over gunned and under powered, with an effective field use time of 24 hours C-Time between charges and an unfortunate tendency to explode if its ION engine is hit with a strong enough force*.
Armor, 8; Weapon (MV6c DM2/Rng 15/Rd 2; M41a DM1/Rng 10/Rd 99; M28f (flamethrower) DM3/ Rng 4/Rd (fuel) 5)
*If unit is at 1 armor and hit for a damage of 3 or more the unit’s engine will explode, dealing 6 damage over a 40 meter radius.
Model T1 – The Model T1 is a fast moving, lightly armored ground unit. The T1, while lightly armored, it increases the user’s base range and movement by 10 and adds a +2 bonus on all defensive checks.
Armor, 2; Weapon (M41a DM1/Rng 10/Rd 99; M3 DM 1/Rng 1)

Quick Note - GSR Quick info on villian creation

I plan for GSR to come with a few pre-generated villians for the heroes to face. Minions of higher powers, mobsters, and low level alien threats, however, the crux of the villians/monster/creatures in GSR should be unque and made by the referee for his or her unque vision of the game.

Villian Creation in a nutshell. All villians have a default of 9 dice to distribute to their statistics. Unlike Heroes, Villians only have 6 places for their dice to go:

Attack Rating: This is the generic base score for a villian attempting an attack.
Defense Rating: This is the generic base score for a villian's defense and ability to not be hit.
Health: The sum of the dice in this statistics determine the amount of punishment the villian can take before falling.

Up to 3 skills and or powers.

Example: Alien Champion

Attack Rating: 14 (3 dice)
Defense Rating: 6 (1 dice)
Health Rating: 4 (1 dice)

Power: flight (1 dice)
Skill: Firearms (2 dice)
Skill: Martial Arts (1 dice)

The 9 dice, as stated above is the base amount and as the heroes grow so should the enemies, thus the rule (currently) is that dice can be added or subtracted in any amount by the referee to make strong or weaker enemies to plague the heroes.

Quick Note - My EOS Adventure cover design mark2

This is my second cover for the Edge of Space adventure I am working on.


Quick Note - Update on everything

Time for the usual bi-weekly update on everything that I'm up to for this blog and various project.

1. Edge of Space – Finished a small adventure this morning for this Space Marine action game by Chubby Monster. I still need to draw the maps and go through second proofreading but the game should hopefully be up by the beginning of October.

2. 5-Minute Adventures Compilation – In the market for a mapper at the moment for this, but once that is done it is a matter of finishing the extension material for Rats in the Well and Three Knocks at the Crypt Door and layout of the compilation. I'm hoping to have this out the door and on sale by the end of November.

3. Nidhog's Hall – This Eira Universe adventure (that doesn't take place on Eira at all) has finally been typed, now it is a matter of revision, further play-testing and trying to acquire some artwork on the cheap.

4. GSR – I've renamed OSR Supers to GSR (Generic Superhero Roleplaying). Last week on the blog I released information on the perk and leveling systems currently in the game. Powers and Skills are done as they now stand and while further revision is needed I think I can still have the alpha version available for play-testing on schedule.

5. Lands of Eira – Cat-Sith, Pixies, and Dwarves are done (yay!). Au-Sidhe and Humans are currently being redeveloped to make them fit a bit more with the other races on Eira. Also, I've finalized the list of raceless classes in the game and have decided to go with alternate magic system I posted awhile back.

6. I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV on the Matus server as Tiavara Leoni … now if only I could log in!

7. Remember I'll be at MEPAcon this year running Swords & Wizardry on Saturday and Hero Kids on Sunday!

8. There is a week and a half left in the design contest. I have one entry so if anyone wants to enter e-mail your entry to geniuslocigames@gmail.com

Quick note - New X-Plorers material by Brave Halfling!

Just a really quick note here, Brave Halfling games who have previous brought us the S&W White Box boxset (seriously can I get one of these I missed out!)  and X-Plorers has recently released some new material for X-Plorers. What is it? A guide to building and playing as Alien or Robot characters! This means for everyone like me that uses this game for a certain futuristic society of peaceful explorers in a grand intersteller federa .... group that two of the most beloved characters from the second television series can now be a reality!  woohoo!

From Drivethru

Now you can play Alien and Robot Characters!

Alien Class Design: A space opera setting usually has numerous types of alien races - but statting out hundreds of different races can be a huge problem. Instead of choosing from a staggering amount of predetermined races, players can use this system to develop their own PC alien and creatively fill in the gaps.

Robot Class Design: Sometimes robots become sentient - it’s a staple of many sci-fi and pulp stories. Even some “stock” robots in popular fiction seem to be “more” than they were intended to be. Presented here are rule suggestions for those players who wish to play a robot that is “more” than the stock options presented in the X-Plorers core rules.

X-Plorers: Alien and Robot Class Design is available now for $1.50! Link here 

30 Day Challenge - All pouty lips and big eyes

Not really a monster, but back in the days of 3.5 and the Paizo controlled Dragon magazine, a player-character race with an EL +2 was released called the Nymph. I no longer have the magazine thanks to a flood back in 2005, but from what I remember the race was awesome.
The Nymph was described as always female, always beautiful and had a natural spell-like charm ability that could be used I believe once per encounter. This ability is why I loved the race, I played a Nymph Rogue named Dahila Ghul, and in the three games I used that character (before my brother the DM at the time banned the race)I was never hit once!
Anytime I used the ability all attackers had to make a will save, if successful they would leave the nymph alone because of her beauty and sweetness and then go after the closest other enemy.
I played Dahila like a fantasy world Marilynn Monroe, all husky voice and oozing sensuality … really a fun time and now that I think about it I’m surprised girl-gamers didn’t try to hunt down the designer of the nymph as if he were Frankenstein’s monster..

Supers Update - Perks and Experience

Just a quick peak at a part of the system that is currently being developed and refined.

Perks as currently planned are an utterly optional feature in the Supers system that is currently under development in my spare time.
Previously we went over basic character creation, including abilities, powers and skills. These three things are all that is needed to play the Supers game, however, perks – while optional – can add to any character created in different ways.
During character creation the player may wish to spend one of his 15 dice on a perk. Only one die may ever be put into a perk, only one perk may ever be purchased and that perk can only be purchased during character creation.
Each of the four perks offer different advantages to the hero such as degreed die purchase values, extra dice and so on.  These perks are Alien, Genius, Magic and Mutate.
Alien – The character was born on a different planet and as such has a different physiology than a base-line human. Choose one ability, that ability gets an extra 1d3 on top of selected dice during character creation.
Genius - The character, while being a base line human, has a genius Level intelligence on par with the other great geniuses of history.  During any situation (combat or non-combat) the Genius may roll an extra dice to one action, however, until his next turn he may not make any other actions.
Magic – The character is a master of the arcane energies of the universe and has either been born with or has gained through study an understanding of those energies. During any “casting” of a power, the Mage can re-roll any dice roll of 1 one time that turn.
Mutate – The character was born with a genetic hiccup that enabled him to have access to powers that no baseline human should ever have. Upgrading any power purchased during creation cost 25% less experience than normal.
 Experience & Growth
This bit is still under heavy design and has gone over at least ten revisions since I first wrote it up. Currently the leveling system is a purchasing system with the character’s accumulated experience acting like currency.
Abilities = 40 + (current dice x 40) total allowed 5 Dice
Powers = 20 + (current dice x 20) total allowed 5 dice
Skills = 20 + (current dice x 20) total allowed 5 dice

Short Review - Chubby Monster Games' "The Shrine of Olikulese" for FAE

Yesterday I barked for Chubby Monster Games' FATE module “The Shrine of Olikulese” a fantasy based adventure for the FATE Accelerated Edition version of the FATE rules. Before I begin my mini-review of the module I most open with the caveat that FATE is not my system of choice when it comes to gaming. I love the concept of FATE and own both Core and Accelerated Editions and own both Dresden Files books and the adventures for it (pre-ordered all of them in fact), still I've never actually done anything but read about FATE. So that said, this review is coming from a purely academic point-of-view.

The best way to describe “The Shrine of Olikulese” is to say it dumps the players into the middle of the story and would seem to work best as an addition to a pre-existing game, or as an introduction to fantasy-based FATE game. In fact I would love to see what Chubby Monster can come up with for an actual setting because this module has some interesting concepts (which I won't spoil).

The adventure is a simple light dungeon crawl with pre-planned encounters and tons of room for a referee to improvise, expand and otherwise make it their own place in their own world. As I mentioned earlier in the review, “The Shrine of Olikulese” works great as an introduction and jump-off point for a FATE based fantasy game, especially with the secret at the end of the adventure which opens up a proverbial world of opportunities for the players and gives the referee the ability to create an episodic game with a large metaplot. What does this translate too? Simple, inexplicable awesome and I honestly want to see what else Chubby Monster comes up with the ideas presented in this short adventure.

I would love to end the review here, but everyone in this world seems to want some negatives and honestly, I do have two gripes, the first being that I wish the “dungeon” was bigger, the second would be more randomized enemies in a classic “wandering monsters” table. However, these are small things that do not detract from the module or the possibilities this module has.

Good Game Chubby Monster, Good Game.

If anyone reading this hasn't picked up "The Shrine of Olikukese" yet it is available at rpgnow and drivethrurpg for the low price of $1.00! Follow the link to get it!

Contest - The Pirate Winner is ...

The winner (and only entry) into the Pirate Day contest is +peewee rota whose entry did a very good job of not only staying in Pirate Speak but also was a good example of a pirate story that was not a classical or fantasy adventure.

Good going +peewee rota e-mail me (geniuslocigames@gmail.com) the e-mail address you use for drivethru rpg and I will send your free copy of Yarr! of to you.

To anyone else out there, remember that "Yarr!Rules Light Pirate RPG" is an OSR retroclone of basic D&D using the simplified rules of Dagger as its basis. It is fast, fun and most of all kid-friendly! If you have kids or enjoy pirates yourself this is a great quick pick-up game!

Captain Starstrider - Generic Creature for any setting

Captain Amil Starstrider (Displaced – Unique)
Hit Dice: 7+7 (45)
Armor Class: 3[16]
Attacks: Officer’s Beam Saber (1d6+3), Photon Blaster (1d6+2)
Special: Displaced Aura
Move: 30
Saving Throw: 14
Alignment: Law
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240
Displaced Aura - Like other Displaced, only Captain Starstrider can use weapons that were carried over with him. If any person not native to Captain Starstrider’s reality attempts to use his weapons they will not function.
Captain Amil Starstrider served as Captain of the Interstellar Federation ship “West-a-Ways” for seven years. During this time he was distinguished from his peers by his impeccable strategies in battle, his honorable treatment of enemy personnel and the strict code of conduct he kept on his ship.
During the battle of the New-Sol Solar System a cosmic storm unlike any on record disrupted the entire system. The Last thing Captain Starstrider remembers is an Aurora Borealis shuttering to life in front of his ship.
Captain Starstrider woke in his crash seat, the only survivor of his crew when his ship crashed on an alien world with strange stars and (later discovered) strange powers and creatures. Now, Captain Starstrider wanders this alien world trying to find a way home.
((Since I cannot find any suitable pictures - Uniform of a Manticore Officer (Honor Harrington) with the Face of Commander Elis Vaughn from the DS9 novels))

30 Day Challenge - Day 19 - Lava Lamps!

I typically don’t use elemental creatures in any of my games, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never used them. I once wanted to run an adventure in the bowels of an active volcano. The players were tasked by the temple of a nearby town threatened by the volcano’s eruption to find the cause of the volcano’s activity and stop it. In the end it was a giant Magma Elemental that had taken the form of a dragon and was using the Volcano to feed her energy to birth her offspring. However, this was not the Elemental I’m talking about for my “favorite”. No, my favorite elemental is the Magmin and in this particular adventure they served (reluctantly) as the body guards of the “Magma Dragon Queen”.
To me the Magmin’s where funny yet dangerous little creatures like the Grunts of Halo and the players would often find them bickering and arguing and would often fall over at the sight of the party and pretend to be asleep.
After the “Magma Dragon Queen” was defeated the Magmin were (accidently) set lose on the town and the players spent several games getting rid of the pranksters as they came to enjoy pulling slightly dangerous pranks on the locals. When they did leave it was after the players relented and paid the tavern owner for a ten year supply of ale which the Magmin would come back for on a yearly basis.

Quick Note - Temple of Elemental Evil Free

As +Moe Tousignant has already mentioned over at google+ the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1e) module Temple of Elemental Evil is free for a spell. This is a module I've always wanted to pick-up due to the excellent PC game of the early 2000s and now I can. I just hope I can convert it to Basic or a suitable retroclone.

Also, if I can, anyone up for a Hangouts game of it in or around Halloween? Give me a few yes answers and I will set-up the event!

Barking - The Shrine of Olikules (FAE) by Chubby Monster Games

Chubby Monster Games has just released their first Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) module entitled "The  Shrine of Olikules". It is a fantasy adventure clocking in at 26 pages and includes maps by the awesome +matt jackson (who did the amazing De Santo's Hovel if you all recall) and story by +Bryan Meadows

The adventure comes with 7 monsters and 4 pre-generated characters and some great mapwork by Matt. The module is only $1.00 and just went live today over at RPGnow. I already got my copy so expect a write-up in a day or two. Right now though go and enjoy!

From RPGnow:

There are rumors of an ancient shrine in the hills just outside of Broken Bow, a shrine that holds potent and dangerous secrets. Will you be able to unlock the mysteries hidden away in the hills, or will you fall victim to the evil that has settled there? Find out as you play through the Shrine of Olikulese.
This product contains two versions of the PDF (one for old schoolers and one for True Fate believers). Also included are full resolution versions of the map, keyed and unkeyed. Designed for use with Fate Accelerated Edition from Evil Hat Productions, learn more about FAE at http://www.evilhat.com/home/fae/

Contest - Talk Like a Pirate Day!

From now until 8:00 PM tomorrow anyone who posts their best gaming related pirate story in the comments section of this post could possibly a .pdf copy of Yarr! Rules Light Pirate RPG by BD Games.

Winner will be announced Friday morning and the top three entries will be recognized in a post here on Friday.

Good Luck!

Divine Guardians and Beings - Spells for High Level Clerics - Revisited

Summon Divine Guardian
Spell Level: Cleric, 7th Level
Range: N/A
Duration: 1d6 rounds
Other:  10% for successful summon

The Cleric prays for aid in battle summoning a  divine being of the deity he or she serves. When summoned the Divine Guardian will attack any and all creatures within 90 feet of the caster who are the opposed alignment of the deity that the Guardian serves.

Once the Guardian is brought to 0 health or below it and all its possessions will vanish from the mortal plane and cannot be summoned again for 1d6 days.

Once summoned the guardian cannot be again summoned for 1d6 days. On every summon the cleric rolls a d%, with an increasing +10% for each summon attempt. If failed the Guardian will not appear. However, if the d% is 80% or above the Guardian will appear and strip the cleric of his or her mantle (power) for abusing the grace of the deity.

Divine Guardian
Hit Dice: 8
Armor Class: 3[16]
Attacks: Flaming Sword (1d10+1d6 radiant damage)

Special: Magic resistance (70%), regenerate (1hp/2 round), element resistance (60%), +2 on to-hit rolls.
Move: 30'
Saving Throw: 7
Alignment: Same as deity served
Challenge Level/XP: 8/1,000

Summon Devine Being
Spell Level: Cleric, 4th Level
Range: N/A
Duration: 1d6 rounds
Other: 40% for successful summon

The Cleric prays to his deity in battle. If successful, the cleric summons a divine being in service to his or her deity, who will attack any and all creatures within 90 feet who are the opposed alignment of the deity that the divine being services.

Once the divine being is brought to 0 health it will vanish from the mortal plane and cannot be summoned again for 1d6 days.

Roll (d10)
Divine Being
Divine Hawk
Fu Dog
Celestial Cat

Divine Hawk
Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 6[14]
Attacks: Radiant Claw (1d6+1 Radiant Damage)
Special: Magic resistance (30%), regenerate (1hp/4 round), +1 on to-hit rolls.
Move: 30'/90’ flying
Saving Throw: 14
Alignment: Same as deity served
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

Fu Dog
Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 7[13]
Attacks: Bite(2d4+2 Radiant Damage)
Special: Magic resistance (30%), regenerate (1hp/4 round), +1 on to-hit rolls, Sonic Bark (Knocks targets prone 1d6 damage)
Move: 30'
Saving Throw: 14
Alignment: Same as deity served
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Celestial Cat
Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 6[14]
Attacks: Radiant Claw (1d6+2 Radiant Damage)
Special: Magic resistance (30%), regenerate (1hp/4 round), +1 on to-hit rolls, Hide/Back Stab (as thief)
Move: 45'
Saving Throw: 14
Alignment: Same as deity served
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Hit Dice: 4
Armor Class: 5[15]
Attacks: Radiant Sword (1d6+2 Radiant Damage)
Special: Magic resistance (40%), element resistance (20%), regenerate (1hp/3 round), +1 on to-hit rolls
Move: 30’/60’ flying'
Saving Throw: 13
Alignment: Same as deity served
Challenge Level/XP: 7/600

One of the lowest ranked of the Divine Guardian order. They are young but if allowed to leave to maturity will develop into the fighting hand of the gods and protector of the agents of their deity.

Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 8[11]
Attacks: Radiant light (4 Radiant Damage in 30; radius of itself to all beings of the opposite alignment)
Special: Magic resistance (40%), physical resistance (40%), elemental resistance (70%)
Move: 5’
Saving Throw: 14
Alignment: Same as deity served
Challenge Level/XP: 7/600

Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day

In honor of such an auspicious day I present to you a fun little product I bought last night for my daughter and her friends to play this coming Thursday! I plan to be dressed in my ren-faire pirate clothing and all!

Yarr! Rules Light Pirate RPG by BD Games

A Rules Light Pirate RPG for children, beginners and veteran players alike! Just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Avast, me hearties! Join me, fer adventure 'n' treasure huntin' on t' high seas! Become the infamous pirates ye deserve ta be an’ feed yer hunger fer glory an’ riches! YARR!
YARR! is a fun, easy to learn game for kids, beginners or veteran players who emphasize story and role play over rules. Based on Brave Halfling Publishing's Dagger RPG for kids, YARR! is intuitive for anyone who has played any OGL / d20 game. It is streamlined so that kids can grasp it easily but robust enough (and including advanced rules for skills) so that veteran player won't find it overly simplified.
Yarr! includes rules for ship to ship combat, a beatiary of human and monstrous adversaries, booty (treasure) appropriate for historical fantasy of the Golden Age of Piracy, Mermaid magic, even a Pirate Talk glossary!
AVAST! (Please note): A Print-on-Demand (POD) book will be available shortly. Anyone who purchases this download version will receive a coupon for the POD when it is available so they can enjoy the discounted pricing for buying both.
To wit: PDF = $5, POD = $8.99, and both POD + PDF = $10. 
Again, if you buy the pdf today ($5), you will receive a coupon for the Book so it is only $5 and you get the same $10 price for both the book and pdf together.
Thank'ee fer yer patience 'n' support, me hearties!

Link: Yarr! Rules Light Pirate RPG available from Drivethrurpg

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