30 Day Challenge - All pouty lips and big eyes

Not really a monster, but back in the days of 3.5 and the Paizo controlled Dragon magazine, a player-character race with an EL +2 was released called the Nymph. I no longer have the magazine thanks to a flood back in 2005, but from what I remember the race was awesome.
The Nymph was described as always female, always beautiful and had a natural spell-like charm ability that could be used I believe once per encounter. This ability is why I loved the race, I played a Nymph Rogue named Dahila Ghul, and in the three games I used that character (before my brother the DM at the time banned the race)I was never hit once!
Anytime I used the ability all attackers had to make a will save, if successful they would leave the nymph alone because of her beauty and sweetness and then go after the closest other enemy.
I played Dahila like a fantasy world Marilynn Monroe, all husky voice and oozing sensuality … really a fun time and now that I think about it I’m surprised girl-gamers didn’t try to hunt down the designer of the nymph as if he were Frankenstein’s monster..

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