30 Day challenge - Day 5 - Dice?

This is a strange one for me because honestly for me dice are dice. They are tools or impliments to the story and game at large and so have no value to me outside of that.

Boring I know and I am sorry that I have no story or rationale on why I have some abnormal love of the D1000 (if such a thing even exists). However, what I do have is a favorite set which I often get strange looks for. My favorite set is the the one that came with the final TSR D&D basic boxset which I bought at the Fort Leonardwood PX back in 1999. The dice are crappy plastic, the numbers aren't centered and honestly, they roll like crap. I still use those dice in more games and character creation sessions than any other set I own.

In fact for my upcoming wedding (I have three kids and have been with my fiancee for 10 years and am only NOW getting married) I am having the d20 set in a necklace for my wife to wear as it is blue and will be borrowed :).

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