30 Day Challenge - Day 12 - Those poor wood nymphs.

In my life-time as a Dm/GM/Referee/Story Teller - and whatever other names could be given to the guy behind the screen – I've told ran a heck of a lot of adventures. Everyone of them have had things about them, players and events that will always be grand memories to me. It is hard to pick one adventure, to pick one spot in a long career of gaming. However, if I must, I must.

Back in 2002 I ran a short campaign set in the fantasy world of Kate Forsyth's “The Witches of Eileanan” world. At the time “The Brothers Four” and our cousin Adam where really into this series and passing them back and forth as each new book was released. I set the game in between the second and third books. After the rebels take back the kingdom but before the second arc starts up with the war against the Bright Army.

The players are random members of the rebellion, sent for by the new King Lahclan, to recover artifacts stolen from the destroyed wizard's tower and to inform all the magical creatures and peoples of the world that the old ruler is no more and that they no longer have to hid.

That was the plan and it was the first time I attempted a sandbox game. The players instead spent most of the adventure getting into bar fights, chasing wood nymphs across the land and
harassing troupers on the road.

So why is this my favorite adventure? Mainly because it was the most organic, was the game that had use up and playing from sunset to sunrise and waking my parents up while singing pub songs while fake drunk (well, I was drunk, my brothers were underage).

The other reason this was great was when it was played. We played every day I was home for christmas leave that year. Every day was time I spent with my brothers in something that was truly ours, not a movie or a video game, but ours! It was also right before I left with my unit for my first tour in Iraq/Iraq ramp up.

So that Is my favorite adventure right there.


  1. Great Post! Taking inspiration from a book is genius, I had thought about running a campaign based on "Magic Kingdom For Sale" by Terry Brooks, (I posted about it on my blog) its a really neat idea to turn it into an adventure. very cool kudos.


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