Barking - The Shrine of Olikules (FAE) by Chubby Monster Games

Chubby Monster Games has just released their first Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) module entitled "The  Shrine of Olikules". It is a fantasy adventure clocking in at 26 pages and includes maps by the awesome +matt jackson (who did the amazing De Santo's Hovel if you all recall) and story by +Bryan Meadows

The adventure comes with 7 monsters and 4 pre-generated characters and some great mapwork by Matt. The module is only $1.00 and just went live today over at RPGnow. I already got my copy so expect a write-up in a day or two. Right now though go and enjoy!

From RPGnow:

There are rumors of an ancient shrine in the hills just outside of Broken Bow, a shrine that holds potent and dangerous secrets. Will you be able to unlock the mysteries hidden away in the hills, or will you fall victim to the evil that has settled there? Find out as you play through the Shrine of Olikulese.
This product contains two versions of the PDF (one for old schoolers and one for True Fate believers). Also included are full resolution versions of the map, keyed and unkeyed. Designed for use with Fate Accelerated Edition from Evil Hat Productions, learn more about FAE at

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