Captain Starstrider - Generic Creature for any setting

Captain Amil Starstrider (Displaced – Unique)
Hit Dice: 7+7 (45)
Armor Class: 3[16]
Attacks: Officer’s Beam Saber (1d6+3), Photon Blaster (1d6+2)
Special: Displaced Aura
Move: 30
Saving Throw: 14
Alignment: Law
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240
Displaced Aura - Like other Displaced, only Captain Starstrider can use weapons that were carried over with him. If any person not native to Captain Starstrider’s reality attempts to use his weapons they will not function.
Captain Amil Starstrider served as Captain of the Interstellar Federation ship “West-a-Ways” for seven years. During this time he was distinguished from his peers by his impeccable strategies in battle, his honorable treatment of enemy personnel and the strict code of conduct he kept on his ship.
During the battle of the New-Sol Solar System a cosmic storm unlike any on record disrupted the entire system. The Last thing Captain Starstrider remembers is an Aurora Borealis shuttering to life in front of his ship.
Captain Starstrider woke in his crash seat, the only survivor of his crew when his ship crashed on an alien world with strange stars and (later discovered) strange powers and creatures. Now, Captain Starstrider wanders this alien world trying to find a way home.
((Since I cannot find any suitable pictures - Uniform of a Manticore Officer (Honor Harrington) with the Face of Commander Elis Vaughn from the DS9 novels))

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