Fenodaree - Creatures of Eira Preview


Armor Class: 7[12]
Hit Dice: <1
Attack: 1d4
Save: 18
Move: 12
Specials: None
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: B/10

Fenodaree are small child-like fae who, when the war between the courts began, fled to the mortal realm. The Fenodaree look like young, healthy children with wild, strangely colored hair and have goat legs. The Fenodaree are fun-loving and honest fae, lacking the ability to tell a lie and enjoy honest work. It is not unnatural to see them working in rural fields, tending to fallow lands or building dolmans for the simple reason of building.

While the Fenodaree are typically non-violent it is not unknown for them to take their self-appointed jobs to the extreme and forcibly attempt to remove any outsider from their work area.

Legend also tells that it is unwise to ever pay a Fenodaree for the work they do for it makes them covetous and drives them toward wicked thoughts.

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