Quick Note: Holy Crap! A Emberverse Game!

Where are my Clan Juniper tartans?! Quickly, boyos, grab your bows!

I love S.M. Sterling's Emberverse books, I mean I love them. I've read them all, I own all the audiobook versions so I can listen to them. They are honestly great reading! Now this morning I find this over at RPGnow!

Treasure at the Dalles

From RPGnow:

.M. Stirling's Change Setting, used under license.

Designed by Sam Pray.

The world changed in the blink of an eye on March 17, 1998. Technology that humanity has relied on for nearly 200 years no longer works.

Now some of the survivors are closing off their safe havens for fear of illness. The plague is just one more thing the survivors must survive without access to modern medicines and medical facilities.

The Portland Protectorate Association (PPA) has obtained information of a shipment of medical supplies shipping from Seattle to Portland on Change Day. Clan Mackenzie also learns of this shipment. The possibility of abandoned medical supplies, antibiotics, and ER supplies is just too tempting to pass up.

You and your friends have volunteered to get the supplies for Clan Mackenzie or make sure that the PPA does not lay claim to them.

This 48 page adventure (includes interior color maps) also includes pre-generated characters to allow for quick and easy play.

Licensed game using the d6 system, with pre-generated characters. I am honestly jumping for joy and am awaiting permission from my wife to buy it (we just bought a new kitchen table so ...)

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