Quick Note - My EOS Adventure cover design mark2

This is my second cover for the Edge of Space adventure I am working on.



  1. Looks cool. The emptiness (if you can call it that) gives me an impression of loneliness and starry seriousness - like a stark, Kubrick-esque film with plenty of cosmic terror and paranoia thrown in for good measure.

    If it's supposed to be a space opera or action-packed adventure, then I'd suggest a little more something on the cover art.


  2. Thanks and it actually is a action-packed space marine adventure so it has gone through a number of changes. I plan to post the final cover tomorrow and hopefully the maps will be done tomorrow or end of the weeknd for a Monday release.

  3. May I give a remark?
    The picture is good. The headline is pretty decent.
    However, I'd like to have anything that visually speaks of 'adventure'. My first thought is, to frame the sky as seen thru a ship's window. Or over its hull.
    Also, from my 8 yrs experience in layout, the bottom text seems too similar to the headline. Leaves impression, that the artist didn't bother to figure out something new, so the same blurred letters were used.
    Did you study the best examples?
    Then, your cover is VERY similar to one of my favourite RPG books, Stars Without Number. Is it intentional? If not, then it's another reason to add something to the design.
    And note, that in graphic design sometimes the simple elements work better than the fancy ones. I'm referring to the blurred outlines of letters by that.

    1. People may always remark +Guntis Veiskats, and I happy they do!
      If you'd like, take a look at this post (http://geniuslocigames.blogspot.com/2013/09/eos-almost-final-cover.html) with a redesigned cover which was made with feedback very similar to yours.

      Also ... you know of any "Stars without Numbers" games going on, I've been wanting to try the system out.


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