Quick note - New X-Plorers material by Brave Halfling!

Just a really quick note here, Brave Halfling games who have previous brought us the S&W White Box boxset (seriously can I get one of these I missed out!)  and X-Plorers has recently released some new material for X-Plorers. What is it? A guide to building and playing as Alien or Robot characters! This means for everyone like me that uses this game for a certain futuristic society of peaceful explorers in a grand intersteller federa .... group that two of the most beloved characters from the second television series can now be a reality!  woohoo!

From Drivethru

Now you can play Alien and Robot Characters!

Alien Class Design: A space opera setting usually has numerous types of alien races - but statting out hundreds of different races can be a huge problem. Instead of choosing from a staggering amount of predetermined races, players can use this system to develop their own PC alien and creatively fill in the gaps.

Robot Class Design: Sometimes robots become sentient - it’s a staple of many sci-fi and pulp stories. Even some “stock” robots in popular fiction seem to be “more” than they were intended to be. Presented here are rule suggestions for those players who wish to play a robot that is “more” than the stock options presented in the X-Plorers core rules.

X-Plorers: Alien and Robot Class Design is available now for $1.50! Link here 

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