Quick Note - The Vile Worm

The Vile Worm by Arcane Creations has been available over at RPGnow for four days. It is a short scenario adventure for Swords & Wizardry and is a fun little rump. I ran the adventure for my NPC party during lunch today and TPK'd during the fight with the worm itself

What really makes the adventure is the fun and strangeness of it as well as a few little "ah-ha!" story type moments that are not blantently spelled out for the players but may make a reader of the adventure or the referee smile. 

The adventure normally cost $1.00 but currently it is free. I honestly cannot remember if I paid for it or if I got it for free as well. Doesn't matter though, for the price (both the dollar and the free) the adventure is worth the price and adds something to any longer adventure with a forest.

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