Self-Barking - Blossom in the Darkness

A bit of self-promotion/barking to follow. "Blossom in the Darkness" is a short-story I wrote a few years and shopped around several of the major and amateur magazines to include "Asimov" and "Science Fiction and Fantasy Monthly". While I received good feedback from the editors of both magazines and while it was picked up by one small e-zine the story never really got a lot of attention.

Recently I managed to get the electronic rights for the story returned to me from that e-zine (part of the contract, they got electronic printing and sales rights for 5 years) so after reattempting to shop it around for a bit I decided to self-publish the title, first through Amazon and now through Drivethru fiction.

From the Drivethru listing:

"In the near future humanity begins to expand out and colonize other worlds. However, the FTL drives of movies and stories is not the reality and long years pass between the lunch of a colony ship and the arrival at its destination. 

To circumvent the possibility of finding a colony world inhospitable to human life the United Nations Joint space command has set up a program known as The Explorers. Men and women who are offed insane sums of money to go alone into the blackness of space and confirm the viability of colony worlds.
Donal McGee is one such Explorer, alone in the dark of space for years he wiles away his time in simulations and petty bickering with his cat. Unfortunately a system error is about to change all that.

Note: This digital edition includes the PDF and ePub versions of the book."

"Blossom in the Darkness" is a scifi short story of 8 pages in length, available in .pdf and .epub formats for $0.50 from

I'm not telling you guys to buy the story and if you do, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!

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