30 Day Challenge - Day -3 finishing it off

Okay, real life got in the way of finishing the 30 Day Challenge  on time, but that is okay because I’m still going to run through the final 3 days in one shot and feel a little proud of myself.
Day 28 – What do you mean a wizard … why would I ever play a wizard?
I know there is an allure to playing a spell-caster. I know for some people they are the be all and end all of character types. For me I simply cannot play one. Three times I have tried to play a wizard and every time I died in a horrible manner because of just how bad I am at playing them.
People tell me that I need “to keep with it. Wizards are awesome after level 5!” Why should I have to wait to level 5 to be awesome?! If I wanted to be awesome and be something “magical” I’d just play a 3.5 bard and rename it Red Mage (From Final Fantasy) because then I get some nifty little spells but am not completely borked after they’re gone.
Sorry, no. No casters for me. All I want is a prayer book and a sword and I’m good!
Day 29 – Bionic, Bionic 6 woohoo hoo oo
I’ve been looking for an excuse to work in my undying love for the greatest of 80s cartoons that don’t feature soldiers or giant robots. Okay seriously and on topic! I tend to roll 6s no matter the d20 I will roll a 6. Once we tested this by having me roll 6d20s and I rolled 4 sixes, 1 five and 1 one.
Sixes like to haunt me in any game that requires dice rolling. In the few Storyteller games I have played my rolling of 6 was so obvious that the Storyteller forbad me from ever rolling because I was “clearly the son of the devil made manifest”.
Day 30 – Can I say me?
Honestly I DM 99% of the time. For some odd reason no one else ever, ever wants to DM. Out of the few times I have been a player I would say it Is a toss up of one of the Brothers Four or a Andrew from the Viking  Pathfinder game I played for a good 6 months.
Andrew had a great way of being a rule monger (I seriously almost starved to death in his game) but making it not seem like THE RULES but just the world. His storytelling style was remarkable in its simplicity and detail to the point that when an NPC died have the party actually cried. Grown men, over skype CRYING over the loss of a half-elf druid. I as the Bard wrote in the real world a poem dedicated to the character and recited vocally during the next game … there was more crying.
In this way Andrew was great and I hated that his game failed, but in my experience that is the way of most online games. Something is missing fro m them that isn’t in face-to-face games.

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