Generic Creature for any Setting (by request) The Chained

Requested by +Ronald Stepp over at +RPG Design Network. I hope this is what you were looking for, man! Enjoy!

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The Chained
“Some say that Eben the money changer died of heart attack. I know better, I was in that alley where his body was found. Lay-up under a heaping of rags o that no one saw. I’m glad for it, because I don’t know what Eben saw, but me, I saw nothin’ but skin, bones and chains … chains burying themselves deep into that poor, bastard. Some say he deserved that ‘heart attack’ I don’t disagree.”  – Account of a vagrant collected in DE  440.

Type: Undead (Unique)
Armor Class: 1 [18]
Hit Dice 8+ target Wisdom modifier
Attack: Attacks 1 (4d8 Whipping Chains, Semi-Sentient)
Save: 8
Move: 30
Special: Chained Horror, Horrid Mask, Nightmare
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

To most The Chained is a myth to scare children into being good and living fulfilling, honest life. However, the darker places of the world, the alley’s the dens of scum and villainy and the courts of kings know different; The Chained is alive and if you so much as stole Candy from a baby it may come for you.
No one knows for certain what The Chained is, some say it is the avatar of the Goddess of Pure Death, others a freak magical accident created by a mage with a vengeance streak. The stories are endless, but all end the same way; The Chained comes for bad folks and when it does they die.
Chained Horror – On ever successful attack the target of the attack must make a saving throw with a negative 8 modifier (-1 for every attacking chain). If unsuccessful, the chains attack and begin to burrow into the target causing an automatic 4 damage per turn. However, for ever successful use of Chained Horror, The Chained losses 1 dice of his primrary attack.
Horrid Mask – Whenever it desires out of a combat situation The Chained may assume the form of one of its victims for 2d4 rounds. While in this form The Chained is only visible to his target.
Nightmare – When combat begins and every round after the target must make a saving throw with a negative 8 modifier. If unsuccessful The Chained takes the appearance of the thing most feared by the target (note only the appearance is mimicked, not the stats, abilities or health). While in this form The Chained has a 60% chance to cause wisdom damage to the target just by being in this form. Should the target reach 3 or lower wisdom he or she is permanently insane, should the target reach zero Wisdom he or she is dead
Unless it is during combat The Chained is invisible and intangible to all mundane sight or touch. It is only during combat that anyone can see the undead creature, and only than if there hearts hold some of the evil of Chaos.   
The Chained prefers to “play” with its target, often stalking, the target for months, taking the forms of past victims to taunt, frighten and confuse the target.

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