Quick Note - History Makes the Greatest Dungeons

The following link leads to one of the inspirations for one of the "dungeons" in Innfjord.

The Mithraeum of San Clemente, Rome

Remember Innsfjord features:

 - 5 level Lighthouse
 - 3 Level Cave System under the Lighthouse
 - 2 Level Crypt under the Temple of Balance (what is it with me and evil crypts under neutral temples?)
 - 1 Level Ancient Temple to Outsider "Gods"
 - 1 Level Ancient Ruin in the forests outside of Innfjord

Believe it or not the pencil on grid paper maps are done. I've been thinking of finding my old youtube tutorials to make photoshop based maps ... I also need to find my brushes and fills for that purpose (or *gulp* recreate them).

That is tonight's update. If anyone is on the Arcadia server in The Secret World, I'll be there for a little (You want to find me, e-mail me  and then it is off to a haunted hay ride with the wife and oldest!

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