Halloween Contest Winner!

The winner to the first annual Halloween contest is +Christopher Reed! Congrats Mister Reed, shoot me a line either here or at my e-mail with your drivethru/rpgnow e-mail and I will get that gift certificate sent out to you!

Mister Reed's winning entry is as follows:

I once went on a haunted hayride where a woman was so scared she kind of. . . well . . . messed herself. And it was near the beginning, and many people were complaining about an awful smell.

Did I mention yet that she was also my date for the night? Yeah. . . I think we went out for coffee once after that.
Other entries included (and are limited to) Mister +Shane Ward who as the only second place winner will get a $5.00 gift certificate. Shane, I think I still got your e-mail so I'll get that sent out as soon as I can.

Mister Wards entry:

I'm loving the monsters! I'll have to see if I can come up with something scary that's happened to me. Actually I have , but its in no way halloweeney , or haunted housey. One night I was coming home (i lived in the country, small town, very quiet). Anyways it was a bit late, and I'd had a few drinks. So I'm walking up the driveway, past the side of the house to the back door. Not really expecting anyone as its like 2 am, right. go around the corner to go up the steps to the backdoor. and my bros g/f is standing there having a smoke. obviously I didn't expect anyone. it was as I said SUPER QUIET. I lost it, I couldn't speak, I had this huge sense of dread, as it was so unexpected, my heart was pounding, and she's just standing there smoking and trying to calm me down, "are you okay?"... seriously couldn't talk for a minute.


  1. Lol. I am glad my horrible tale of dating misfortune was satisfying.

    My drive-thru email is: reed.christopher.r@gmail.com

    Thanks! I enjoy reading the blog.


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