Mapping for Innsfjord

Earlier today I posted on normal Google + about trying to learn how to do the mapping for myself instead of using programs like these are the results so far.

I've gotten some nice constructive comments so far for the first piece and will be editing it again to suit.


  1. The look is fine (I would probably make the grid a little less prominent), but the layout is so linear... ;)

  2. I'm digging it. I've started creating maps that are a bit more straightforward (linear) just for ease of explanation while dming. What program are you using? What i've done latetly is draw a map on blank white paper no grids, then scan it touch it up and add a layer of grid underneath, due to not having the grid to start off with, its interesting sometimes where it ends up. some lines will be in a middle of a square etc.

    1. Been using Inkscape (a free, open source vector art program), Photoshop CS2 (my college edition I got in college) and Google Photo for that effects. There is a tutorial I need to link that I've been using to learn it. It is a little cumbersome at first but gets very good later on.


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