Preview - Innsfjord Wilderness The Ruins

I have nine locations in the wilderness of Innfjord. Three of them don't get entries in the wilderness section do to them having their own sections in the adventure proper. Out of the remaining six I have two favorites, one of them is the Unicorn Graveyard the other is this:

W-4. The Ruins
Trees break away to reveal a small clearing. Crumbling, worked stone, black against either sun or moon litter the clear. A single wall and a half fallen tower are all that remain.

The ruins are those of an ancient castle, long fallen and left to the elements. If anyone touches the black stone with bare flesh they will feel a coldness seep into them. There is no ill effect from this this coldness.

If the players explore the half crumbled remains of the tower a close inspection of the keystone will show a relief of a squid head above a horizontal crescent moon.

The tower itself has no remaining floors, however, the stairs that once lead to the top still stand and are still functional.

Lighthouse Portal – At the top of the crumbling tower the players can easily see a wide well right below them. The well looks normal to all mundane sight, however, magical sight reveals that it s layered with enchantments and protections. The most notable being a portal spell.

If and only if characters jump into the well from the top of the tower will the portal work and deposit them on L-1 next to the well. The players will not retain their speed from the fall when they reach the portal's terminus.

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