Quick Note - Innsfjord design question

A bit of the Adventure I'm making. Alpha version. Spoilers for anyone playing tomorrow.

Thoughts? Opinions?

I-10. The Headman’s Manor
A medium sized rectangular, two-story building, made of large white limestone with a clay tile roof. Several chimneys billow smoke. All the windows have been shuttered and the large double doors atop a short flight of stairs closed.

The entrance way to the Headman’s manor is blocked by two men in fullplate armor, who will refuse anyone not invited by the Longres family entry.

The Interior of the Headman’s Manor appears to have been utterly destroyed by some large best. Giant sections of wall have been ripped away the long double staircase to the second floor lay shattered across the main room. Low mumbling howls can be heard from the basement.

The Basement Door is locked and is not ease to pry open. It takes at least a combined strength score of 25 to break the door open. The basement itself is pitch dark, and the low mumbling fades to silence as the players descend.

Referee’s Note: The Basement is utterly dark . A character with low-light or dark-vision can operate easily in this environment, but any other character take a -4 to nearly all saves unless there is an artificial light in use by the players.

Granting that the players can see in the basement they will find a large humanoid grab-like beast held in a cage in the far corner of the room. If there are magic-users with the group they can tell that the bars of the cage are enchanted. Near the cage the players will find a middle-aged woman with long black hair clumped randomly on her head, the rest of her scalp being taken up by large barnacle looking tumors. This is Hugness Longres and the creature is the village Headman, Trifrin.

Trifrin is no longer able to speak except to intone hungry, monstrous sounds. If approached her will rush his cage in an attempt to get at whoever is near him only to be shocked and flung back by whatever magic the bars are enchanted with. (As Lightening Spell, save half-damage).

His wife, Hugness, mumbles, jabbering about things from the Outside burrowing into her brain and eating her womb. It is possible with a high enough Charisma score (15+) to calm Hugness enough to speak with her.

Hugness, if suitably calmed, will answer any questions about her and her husband's conditions:

1. A few weeks before the light started to shine she and her husband were visited by a black-robed mage traveling through town.
2. The same night the light first shone her husband started to have nightmares.
3. By the end of the first week of the troubles in the village Trifrin's nightmares were so powerful that he started to lose sight of reality.
4. Near the middle of the second week Trifrin's body started to change and he started to constantly hum (Hugness will begin to hum a haunting and inhuman tune and will have to be calmed once again).
5. A week ago, while there daughter was out listening to the bard at The Keeper's Flame, Trifrin fell into madness and his body started to erupt in the barnacle-like tumors. During his madness induced rage and pain he attacked Hugness.
6. As is obviously evident, Hugness has become to change as well.


  1. Strange stuff. I like the idea of crazy people with strange symptoms as NPCs.

    Is this a typo: "large humanoid G rab-like "

    1. Yep, that should be a large, humanoid crab-like beast.

  2. Scary enough to play. :)
    Is all the text intentionally bold?

    1. Some error with copy/pasting over from Word/Libre lately. I'm trying to figure out why it is happening. In the actual document almost nothing is boldtype.


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