Quick Note - Into the Barrow I go

Last night during one of my frantic searches for a regular, but easy to schedule (read: wife won't kill me) game I came across a Barrowmaze open table over at roll20. I've hear good things about Barrowmaze, and the open table, no commiment, drop in and out nature of this particular table intrigued me (or at least intrigued the 17-year-old me who watched a 20th generation of the Wizardry anime). I am a little worried, however, as they are using Labyrinth Lord and I've never even read the ruleset for LL nor have I played the versions of Dungeons and Dragons that it is based on given that I didn't sit at the table until 3rd.

However, since the wife gave me permission to play and I love to make character I present to you all my first attempt at a LL character. Nir the Dwarf:

Character Name: Nir
Character Class: Dwarf
Alignment: Law
Level: 1

Str 15 (+1)
Dex 12 (0)
Con 14 (+1)
Int 10 (0)
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 8(0)

Saving Throws:
BA 13; PoD 8; PoP 10; W 9; Sosd 12

HP 9; Armor Class 5 (Scale and Shield)

Starting Gold (4d8x10): 130 gp remaining 16 gp
Equipment: Hand Axe, Heavy Cross bow, 30 heavy bolts; Scale Mail, Shield, Helmet, Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket (winter), Flint & Steel, Rations (preserved) x6, Torches x8, Waterskin

I can you straight off I do not like the fact that as a dwarf I cannot use two-handed weapons. Something just feels off about not being able ot us a battle-axe.


  1. LL is basically the BECMI boxed sets cut from the OGL. It can be pretty fun with the right group. For me SnW hits the sweet spot though... although LL seemed to have less campy art (iirc) which is generally a plus for me.

    Speaking of art, did you see my last message about the two pieces you are commissioning from me?

    1. No I did not. Let me go back see if it just got lost in the shuffle.


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