Quick Note - Back to Work!

I am back to work on Innfjord! After a much needed break from the the huge adventure I've finally returned to it and am ready to finish! I have art resources on the way in terms of both commision (thank you +Oxide JCHart and +Theo Evans ) and stock art and am working on getting some more of both.

Here is a small sampling of the Temple of Balance Crypt area that will be part of the adventure (if the Referee and Players choice it to be). I will be posting my designer map of it tomorrow so you can all see the process of design. My wife would worry that this would cause no one to buy it because it is here for free, however, if anyone here can read my hand-writing you deserve it for free :)

One thing that may be noticed while looking over the sample is that I've begun to pull Innfjord more and more into the Eira setting and away from the Generic drop and play of the five-minute adventures. I don't know if this is a good idea yet, but with the Cartographer's Guide to the Creatures of Eira (also if you want to see a samp eof the above named artists also take a look at the guide, as both are in there as well) being a pretty solid product (numbers-wise), I think this move may be the right one.


C-2. Water Hall
Water laps and flows away from the landing from an unknown source. This large, one-hundred by forty foot room connects every area of the crypt, on either side ten feet is taken up by the flowing salt-water pools, with each of the four pools having two pillars stretching up to an arched ceiling mostly hidden in darkness.

While in the Water Hall the players have a 1 in 4 chance of encountering 1d6 Corrupted Nixies. These Nixies once served as protectors and caretakers of the crypt in exchange for the safety of its protected and blessed waters. However, whatever has befallen the crypt has also affected the Nixies, turning them from gentle caretakers to vicious, murderers.

Corrupted Nixie (1d6): HD 1d4; AC 7[12]; Atk 2 weapon (1d6), 1bite (1d6+poison); Move 6/12 (swimming); Save 18; AL C; CL/XP 1/15; Special: As Fae, Iron deals an extra 1 hit point of damage, Charm Person (-2 penalty to saving throw) that causes the victim to walk into the water were the corrupted Nixies will drown him in 1d3 rounds.


  1. The pixies enjoy being corrupted, and insist on corrupting the members of the party. The goal being to get a perpetual party going in the tavern in the hopes of attracting the spirit of the late Hugh Hefner.

    1. Sir, if I could +1 your post I would +1 your post a million times.


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