Quick Note - The Future of the Creature Guide

Looking at the WIP creature catalogue today I realized that without an introduction, table of contents, cover, pictures or any frills I have nearly 30 pages of creatures now for the Cartographers' Guild's Guide to the Creatures of Eira. Unfortunately, I in no shape, way or form can afford to get the art or for cover or interior of the book nor can I get a layout artist or editor.

I am faced with three choices at this point:

1. Abandon the idea of publishing a collected list of the creatures I've so far created.
2. Take to indiegogo or kickstarter and become another Nystul.
3. Release a pay-what-you-want no frills version of the guide. Just monsters in a bookmarked pdf for the express reason of gaining funds to buy art and layout for the a true release of the book.

Personally I'm leaning toward the third option but I figured I would ask the community at large their opinion on the matter.

So how do you think a no frills pwyw would work as a funding source for a true release of a book?


  1. I understand your conundrum. I am also in the same position with my project(s) although I could do my own art I guess. I would go with the third option and note that as part of the PWYW model you will be using the proceeds to fund a more expanded version down then road. Then you could possibly provide a discount to those who got in at the ground level...

  2. Option 3 is fine if the people paying for it get an updated copy down the road complete with layout and art. They are essentially kickstarting it but and getting the half-finished product off the bat.

    The easiest way to avoid becoming M. Nystul is to actually have a product. So far you're ahead of the curve!


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