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Designing monsters and creatures is, by now, old hat for me. It is by far my favorite thing to do outside of adventure design when it comes to game design. There is just something purely unique about taking something that does not exist anywhere but your head and giving it physical form and property.

Right now I've taken a break from “Lights Over Innsfjord” for the simple fact that I was starting to get burnt out from it. I plan to continue the writing part after Christmas but for now have allowed myself to just do map design for the eventual hiring of someone to do actual good maps. In the meantime however I’ve been putting in work on another (much shorter) adventure for Matt Jackson’s “Edge of Space”. I’ve talked of “Helena’s Gauntlet” a few times over the past few weeks but this will be the first time that more than a simple fictional blurb has appeared.


After the initial battle with the a great roaring sound can be heard in the distance and echoes off the canyon-like walls of the ruined city of Helena. This is giant shooter bug reacting to the other bugs’ death echoes. In one minute a plasma strike from the giant shooter bug will hit the ally the players currently occupy.

Plasma Strike – Damage 10, Range 120, Rounds 1/round. A bioplasma burst from the Giant version of the Shooter class of the Bug forces. It is a devastating weapon, typically used by the bugs as a surface-to-air weapon against Confederate Ships of the Wall.

The Giant Shooter Bug (which will eventually be named something) is not just a creature but an event in and of itself within the Helena adventure and will in some ways will hopefully be the most remembered segment of the adventure.

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