Quick Note - Joining the Game

Inspired as I was by +Shane Ward's entry to the One Page Dungeon contest I have decided to throw my hand into the game as well.

I'm working on it as we speak (a wonderful distraction from real-life woes) and I am going a little off base with this as I'm developing my "dungeon" and story for a game that I have never done anything previously for. My dungeon comprising of a very basic story and 13 areas is sci-fi themed. Originally I was planning on making it for "Edge of Space" since it is a system that I know and love. However, as the dungeon developed itself in my mind I realized that the small story doesn't fit my vision of the "Edge of Space" universe and while I'm sure +matt jackson would be all "That works!" with what I have planned, I just don't feel it is right.

So the dungeon will be using "X-Plorers" as its system/setting of choice and I think it will work well. I am enjoying the creature creation system for the system a lot (and we all know I am the monster man :) ) and I have finished the 5 creature types that will be appearing in the dungeon.

Wish me luck! This should be fun.

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