Quick Note - New cover for The Robathen's Coin

So my favorite release of last week, "The Robathen's Coin" (Barnes & Nobles, drivethrufiction, Google Play hasn't been selling to well ... or really at all. The conscious among my family and friends is that the cover is probably not helping in tempt people to pick up the story.

This weekend I found a graphic designer on DA who is used to this kind of work and I hired her(?) to come up with a new cover for the Arame novelette.

I chose the second one as the new cover, although I also really liked the third. What do you guys think?

So hopefully this will get more people interested in Arame.

In other news I also got a cover artist for Innsfjord which is just damn awesome. His work has that slightly wonky feeling of a lot of the Basic and early 1e adventure art had.Obviously when I get it I will post it!

Wife and I were talking, I need to make an expense report and a list/folder of claims for next year's taxes ... gulp.

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