Blog Hop Day 12 - 4.5 miles from my Barracks ... on a bike

The small store
4.5 miles from my Barracks was The Book Stan', a comic and gaming store that technically had two locations. The closer of the two which was 1.5 miles away from my barracks had mostly comics and comic related things. The other one though, the further one in a large red building near where I used to have plasma sucked from my body twice a week was the main store.

The main Book Stan' had an area completely devoted to gaming in all its aspects. Dice, Books ... dear good the amount of books! These guys didn't have shelves, no they had everything in boxes like they were back issues of comics. Different editions of games, different versions of different editions. It was quite amazing and where (as I've said before) I first picked up my first version of D&D (the 3.5 core books).

The smaller store is still around, but the bigger of the two was getting ready to close shop when I was still stationed at Ft. Hood. I remember feeling bad about that because after my second deployment I stopped giving plasma and thus stopped going near the big store. Some times during that period I figured it was my fault ... foolish, but true.


  1. Haha! I used to give plasma in downtown Killeen! I was a private and had a newborn and needed the money. Good times. There used to be a really good store right outside the east gate (near the barber shop where I first had a Korea lady cut my hair). I bought Heavy Gear at that store.

    1. That would have probably been their little store ... especially if you mean CC barber shop (where you got a neck and back rub after the hair cut?)

    2. Sounds about right, the ladies gave you a lollipop while you got a back was a little weird when I first went.


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