Quick Note - At it Again

Started work on another short adventure wheile I wait for the caves of Innsfjord to flesh themselves out in at home playtesting. This will be my very first mid-level adventure (outside of Three Knocks at the Crypt Door). It is definately going to be bigger than my Two-Page adventures but not by much, five to ten pages at most ... with maps.

Can anyone guess the theme for this one? Welp, I'm not telling! I can say that this has been fun to do because of the puzzles. I'm not typically a puzzle person; I prefer traps. So this is really fun! I'm hoping to have text done by the end of next week with maps done by Tuesday the 11th. I'm contacting my U369 tomorrow about doing the cover ... I hope I can get him for a third time.

So thoughts, opinions, screams for me to stop already?

Oh and to th eCartographer's Apprentice. I'm finished your stats, just have to type everything up.

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