Magic Item - The Brewer's Bag

Now that the first round of Tenkar's Tavern's OSR Superstar contest is over I can release the magic item I created for the contest. Enjoy and I hope it is of some use to some one out there!

Thank +Erik Tenkar and everyone who supported him in running this contest and best of luck to everyone who made it to round two!


The Brewer's Bag


Created long ago by a dwarven mage with an interest in micro-brewing, the Brewer's bag is a small felt bag trimmed in gold and featuring a the symbol of a stylized hammer and pint. Some magical theorists have postulated that the symbol on the Bag is that of a legendary dwarven pub in the fabled lost city of Mu. Unfortunately just as many theorists have asserted that the symbol was a later addition to the Bag and is utterly meaningless.


The Brewer's Bag is said to be invulnerable to magic and physical damage. Thus the Bag grants its owner a -[+] 1 to AC[AAC].

The Brewer's Bag is also magically imbued to tap into a pocket dimension and thus can never be filled. However, only items related to the brewer's craft and trade can be placed within the Bag. If any other item or belonging is placed within the Bag that item will be ejected at such a speed that it will deal 1d4 damage to anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it (75% chance, save negates).

Finally the most legendary property of The Brewer's Bag are the colored marbles held within it. According to magical theorists The Brewer's Bag contains an infinite amount of marbles of five different colors. When the owner of the Bag attempts to retrieve any item from The Brewer's Bag she has a 75% chance of removing one of the five colored marbles (see table below). When placed in any container of up to one quart the marble will dissolve and transmute the water in an alcohol associated with the marble's color.

Table 1 – Brewer's Marbles

Marble Color
Type of Alchol
50% Chance Red or White Wine


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