Quick Note - Breaking the Silence

My apologizes to everyone for once more going silent. My daughter's birthday was last week and that means out of state family paying us a visit for a prolonged period. However, while I was unable to update the blog I was able to continue with my other projects thanks to the awesomeness that is the steno-pad!

"Temple in the Sea of Sand", my fantasy adventure that I posted hints of last month is nearly complete! I have to type up the whole thing and get the maps made, but nearly there! I am hoping for a mid-April release for it. Of course with the wife gone on a business trip next week I may be able to get some more done and get it out just a hair quicker.

I've also been working on a new class for Eira to work as a replacement for a rather broken raceless class that was nearly impossible to fix without making it something it was not. This class, the Pilgrim, promises to be a little more traditional than some of the Eira classes and may be a fresh of breath air for me as I struggle with my own setting.  *Sigh* If only I had the power of Greenwood.

Finally! Exciting news! I am working on a new two-page adventure for X-plorers entitled "The Miracle of Science". Why is this exciting? For a number of reasons, but mainly because the Adventure set-up for this one takes up the entire first column which means there is far more story this time around then in "The Nest".  I am hoping to have "The Miracle of Science" up by the end of next week ... and again being that my wife is away I may be able to playtest with more than a small group of 9-year-olds.

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