Quick Note - Joy in a Flask

Remember how a few days ago I said that I needed to find a way to shut off my brain until I finished my backlog of projects ... well that didn't work.

This is almost done actually, cover art and maps are all that is left and I should complete those over the next week. Depending on how Saturday is maybe Monday.

Set-up for the newest 2 page adventure:

After several days on road the adventurers find themselves in the small fishing village of Waunku in the marsh lands south of Horn’s Shadow. The town is quiet, few people can be seen on the streets and those that are appear listless and vacant eyed.

The majority of the town is addicted to “Joy”, a drug created from the dried mucus of a Giant Toad, which causes feelings of euphoria and hallucinations. Unknown to the townfolk the drug is part of a plot by a local Lizardman tribe to make the townsfolk easier to overtake when they invade the village.

Garith, the leader of the town watch is not addicted and may approach the players to help him discover and stop those that are selling the drug.

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