Quick Note - Late to the Party

Today I was informed that wonderful folks behind The Gamers series and Journey Quest are making a movie based on Jack Chick's infamous Dark Dungeons comic. The film will
be available later this year and will hopefully feature the excellent comedic timing and style of the earlier productions.

I am greatly looking forward to this and hope it will be another feather in ZO's hat.  We should have a Hangout party watch of it! Possibly ... is that even possible?

I still want to know the true story of how these guys managed to get the rights and at the same time pray that Chick doesn't try to sue or do something else against ZO and their partners.

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  1. I won the lottery. Not the jackpot, "just" a thousand bucks, and being a typical middle-class middle-manager a thousand dollars is nice, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't going to change my life. So I decided to do something special with the money. I decided I wanted to spend it to bring something that would last; I would spend it to try and bring Jack Chick's epic 1984 graphic novel / tract to film.

    I wrote Chick Publications explaining this to them and instead of accepting money for the rights, they gave me the rights to make the film for free. I did a kick-starter and then I teamed up with Zombie Orpheus and they are a fantastic bunch of people to work with. Just top notch professional who totally got my vision to bring Dark Dungeons to the silver screen.


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