Quick Note - Caves of the Giant Frog Page 6

So as I've previously said I now have publishing software. This means I can make the adventures look prettier. Here is an example using the gridded map on page 6 of the adventure "Joy in a Flask".

How can a two-page adventure have a page 6? Easy:

1. Cover
2. Credits
3. Splash
4. Adventure
5. Artsy Map
6. Grid Map
7. Hex Map
8-9. OGL


  1. Certainly looks good - I've just reviewed it on RPGNow.

    Watch that green splodge in the top left corner of that lovely background. On the Adventure page it pretty well obliterates a couple of words!

    1. Thank you for the review! Hmm, didn't notice it, I will go back and update later today or tomorrow. Thank you for telling me!


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