Quick Note - Courageous Chromatic Power Commandos

Last night I was talking to the wife about wanting to do another pay-what-you-want title. She was not all that pleased as she thinks I wasted a lot of potential by making Horus Adrift pwyw (it has nearly a thousand sales, only 30 of which weren't free). I reasoned that it was Horus's status as pwyw that eventually lead to the sales of The Nest which in turn lead to the sales of other 2-page adventures. She bought the argument.

Looking back over everything I've done over the last year I searched for something that could be expanded and improved upon to make a new product that  may lead to interest and play. A lot of what I did is intertwined with Eira or Innsfjord so that was out and my Transformers ideas were better suited to the Cartoon Action Hour line (seriously fun stuff). That left me with my black sheep, the quick and dirty rules that didn't seem to pick up any real attention at the time and left me a bit sad. I speak of course of Power OSR, my Power Rangers/Super Sentai rules that were incomplete and just a frame work for referees and players to use for a fun one off.

I'm expanding them, including rules for Mech combat, fleshing out the character creation and combat rules and including basics that most people know like what attributes mean and what die abbreviations are for. In the end I'm planning on it being 15 pages long and be broken into 5 sections:

1. Introduction
2. Character Creation
3. Combat
4 Monster Samples
5. Playing the Game/sample setting

The rules are very much still d20 based but my mild reworkings have taking it a bit away from the OSR which means a name change to "Courageous Chromatic Power Commandos". In the near future I will be begging people for name credit art and the like, but this one ... this one will be flying under the radar until I start to play test it in a few weeks.

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