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Encounter Location – The Unknown Sand Graves
The unknown sand graves is a spot of land typically on a beach or in a desert that is the site of an unmarked, unremembered and unsanctified burial ground. The dead do not rest in this place and take offense to anyone who may make camp in their territory.
Encounter Population:
The Unknown Sand Graves are typically thinly populated but typically feature the following undead:
Type of Undead
Number of Type
Between 2 – 6d6
Between 3 – 8d6
Dirt Wraiths

Tactics: While the undead are not typically intelligent they will not rush the players at once but instead attack in waves over the course of a night, hoping to wear the players out and slowly Weddle their numbers down.
Uncommon Encounter Table
Roll (2d6)
Fallen Memory
The Lost Girl
Tinker’s Tent
Bugbear’s Picnic
Fae Party
Time Fault
Council of Gods
Gateway to Heaven/Hell

Fallen Memory – The players enter a living memory of some long ago battle or traumatic event. They cannot interact with anyone in the Memory nor affect its outcome but are stuck in the memory until the event runs its course.
The Lost Girl – A play on an old urban legend, the party comes across a peasant girl as they travel. She appears frightened and asks for the party to take her home. If questioned she tells the party she is from the town three miles in the direction they are heading. Once the players reach the area indicted by the girl she will be missing and all the players will find are the remains of a town raided and burned to the ground long ago.
Tinker’s Tent – The players come across a tinker’s tent set-up along the road or in a small clearing. Smoke bellows up from a small fire and the tinker is about fixing and collecting his things. He doesn’t have much to offer the party (mundane to average gear) but is willing to give half the market value of anything the party has to sell. The tinker will attempt to haggle with the players, but will always settle on the half market value. Should the player’s treat the tinker poorly they will find for the next three days their weapons are not as sharp taking a -1 to all damage rolls.
Bugbear’s Picnic – The players stumble into a clearing with 3d6 Bugbear’s in the midst of a family reunion. The bugbear’s do not notice the party, but if the party makes themselves known in a non-violent way they may get invited to join the reunion and share in the Bugbear family mead.
Fae Party – The players come across a small group of Fae nobles from the Eternal Lands having a small drinking party near a stream. They will have a 3 in 6 chance of noticing the party and offering to join them in the celebrations. If the party should happen to join roll a d12 the result is the number of days that pass while the party is celebrating with the Fae.
Time Fault – The players walk through a fault in time and space moving anywhere from a few miles to thousands of miles away from their original location. Roll a d100 the result of which multiplied by 10 is the amount of miles the party has traveled. Note: The party does not always have to end up someplace “nice” at the other end.
Council of Gods – The party crosses paths with two or more gods in the midst of a conversation. All players must make saving throws with a -5 modifier (this would be a Wisdom DC 25 in Next) or lose their sanity for 1d6 days.
Gateway to Heaven/Hell – The party walks through an invisible gateway into a heaven or hell dimension if they attempt to escape the way they came they will discover nothing but open world in any direction.

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