Quick Note - Helena's Gauntlet can be a sad tale

Work on the Edge of Space Adventure "Helena's Gauntlet" can be a sad tale I'm finding out as I'm going back over it in proofing and revision. I seem to have unintentually added in some minor character drama with a few NPCs that the players could possibly run into.

I say possibly because I basically give an end-goal in Helena and leave the rest up to the GM and players. Helena is by no means a sandbox, but it isn't a dungeon delve type adventure like Horus Adrift was. In some ways that makes me worry. Horus Adrift had a mission, a quest, and a clear outcome. Helena has ambiguity and lots of room. It worries me, but not enough to move me from the course of finishing and releasing the game.

Anyway, here is what I mean by a sad tale. As I was re-reading this section of Area 1 (Resident District A) I was a little stunned that I would have put something like this in the game.

4.       Newt Childcare Center – A small childcare center in the back of a half fallen apartment tower. The once colorful wall paintings of fantastical unicorns and dragons, elves and hobbits have been marred by blast scorching and Bug Kroch. While not a full nest two Breeders and a small clutch of workers are furiously attempting to convert the place as such. Soft cries can be heard from a back room. Several children, being kept as food, can be found in the back room. One, a young girl with dirty blonde hair and large blue eyes will attempt to attack the players if they enter this room in a fruitless attempt to protect the other children (3 boys, 4 girls, 2 toddlers and a single infant).

Ellen Weave – A nine year old girl and daughter of a local militia captain. Ellen takes pride in her family’s military heritage which harkens back to old Earth.  Ellen acts as guardian to the other children and has striven to keep them safe from the Bugs that have overtaken the Childcare Center. Despite her resolve she has failed on several occasions to keep the others safe and four children have been taken. In memory to those she failed Ellen has written their names (misspelled and sloppily) on her arm and wears their show laces as bracelets around her wrist.

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