Quick Note - The Miracle of Science

Now that "Joy in a Flask" is done and only waiting on the final cover piece I started up work again on my next X-plorers adventure "The Miracle of Science". I hope to have this one done within the week (possible done text by this weekend). Then comes the editing, the layout and finding a few art types for the cover and an interior piece or two (unless I can find some suitable stock art). Actually, I already commissioned a great piece by the wonderful +Theo Evans for the adventures and I expect (like all his work) it will be beautiful!

But, here is a taste of what to expect:

The faint, almost non-existent light of the near-by dead star creates unnatural, shifting shadows  that  obscure the design and layout of the facility. Ship sensors will pick-up several (6) smaller floating bodies in obit around the asteroid. Visual observation or a detailed scan (Nav Check 15-19 or higher) will reveal the objects to be corpses in EVO suits. If the check is 20 or higher the scanners will identity that all 6 objects are alive for 60 seconds before registering as dead once more.

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